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Leggett Jury Research, LLC is one of the nation’s premier trial consulting firms, specializing in the application of jury research to trial practice. With over thirty years of experience in complex corporate civil litigation in both Federal and State courts around the country, LJR knows juries.

LJR delivers research and consulting of the highest quality to inform the strategic litigation decisions facing trial lawyers and corporate counsel, and uses proven and reliable social science tools for the successful resolution of challenging cases.

LJR is different from other trial consulting firms. They are not a research mill with pre-packaged products or questionnaire items. The work on your case is unique and custom-designed based on a deep understanding of case issues and your needs while bringing to bear their vast experience on other cases. LJR brings fresh eyes to your case – whether it is their first or twenty-first with similar claims.

The founder, Dr. Ellen Leggett, earned her Masters and Doctoral degrees in psychology and education at Harvard University. She has published and spoken widely on jury psychology and has been interviewed on ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN national newscasts. Her articles have appeared in Antitrust Report, Computer Lawyer, International Legal Strategy, Product Liability Law and Claims, California Litigation, Medical Malpractice Law and Strategy, and Corporate Legal Times. She was on the inaugural Editorial Board of Antitrust Report.

At any stage in the litigation process, LJR is a trusted partner to understand how your case is being understood by your audience and to achieve the most effective and persuasive communication possible.