Lucid CGI is a nationally recognized litigation graphics firm that specializes in visual and technical strategies for persuasive communication. We offer large-firm creative services of the highest quality, operationally streamlined for financial efficiency and project flexibility.

We are experts in the art of advocacy, a reputation we’ve built trial by trial. Our principals are among the most experienced in the field, with a 30-year litigation history that includes every major case type, involving a comprehensive range of industries, on over 1,500 matters. We are proud to have served nationally ranked law firms on billion-dollar, high-stakes civil and high-profile criminal matters, in state, federal, and international venues.

As visual thinkers and storytellers, we create images that communicate your arguments quickly, clearly and with an emotional resonance that sticks.

When clear and concise visual aids are used in combination with speech, research shows that 70-80% is retained after a 72 hour period. By using trial-tested strategies, we give the triers-of-fact the tools they need to fight for you.

of our cases have won or settled favorably.

We are proud to have been retained to work with inspired attorneys on such high-risk cases as In Re Zantac (Ranitidine) Products Liability Litigation, US Airways v. Sabre, Monsanto v. DuPont, In Re Allergan Proxy Violation Derivatives Litigation, and ConocoPhillips v. Timor-Leste.


visual strategy consulting
Visual strategists with over 30 years experience on over 1,500 trials, use trial-tested strategies for persuasively communicating your facts and arguments efficiently, clearly, and with emotional resonance. We work with you to define strategies to align juror’s perceptions and fill experience gaps, make your key points and fact patterns clear and memorable, and craft expert testimony into compelling and easy-to-understand narratives.

In Re Zantac (Ranitidine) Products Liability Litigation
State of Hawaii v. Bristol-Myers Squibb
In Re Blood Reagents Antitrust Litigation
In Re Allergan, Inc. Proxy Violation Securities
Silver Lake Trader Joe’s Shooting
US Airways v. Sabre
Cepheid v. Roche Molecular Systems
Monsanto v. DuPont

graphic design
• Charts and Graphs
• Conceptual Graphics

• Illustrations

• Maps & Diagrams

• Tutorials

• Timelines

animation & video
2D/3D animation and live action video are used to give a feeling of reality and aliveness. They also help to explain the product or action and get to the point quickly.

reality capture
Quickly collect accurate electronic data about real-world environments and objects. Laser scanning uses a laser rangefinder to capture the surface shape and color of objects, buildings, and landscapes. Photogrammetry derives data from photos.

Survey sites. Digitize objects. Create accurate 3D models.

AR/VR & interactive 3D
For the ultimate flexibility in interacting with 3D models and scenes.
• Examine objects at any angle/detail
• Walkthrough environments
• Interact with mechanisms/parts
• Initiate animation on a click
• Prompt the display of docs or video

trial tech support and equipment rental
Trial tech professionals create and manage the exhibit database, sync and edit video/audio depositions, design the courtroom equipment layout, and work closely with your trial team for a seamless in-trial experience.
• Audio/video deposition editing
• Courtroom set-up
• Hot-seat operator
• Equipment rentals
• Exhibit database management

Veteran graphics consultant Diane Suzuki had a vision of a litigation graphics firm that provides a truly robust set of services, beyond PowerPoint, video and animation.

Diane was an art director in a large nationwide jury consulting firms when storytelling emerged as the strategic paradigm. Diane left the firm to enroll in USC’s film school in order to strengthen her skills.

Film School brought filmic storytelling techniques and a sharper visual vocabulary to her expertise. Moreover, the talented people and the film tech inspired Diane to reinvent what a litigation graphics company could be. Inspired by the technologies used in film-making and the creative minds in the film industry, Diane left film school with a clear vision of a lit support company that provides out of the box creative solutions that. Lucid CGI launched upon graduating.

Diane has an MFA degree in film and and a second MFA in fine art. She has worked on over 1,500 cases. The Lucid CGI creative team is a group of exceptionally talented visual strategists, animators, graphic designers, code writers, and trial tech professionals.

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